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ISSN NO. 2456-3129
IF:0.267(Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal)

VOL 3 NO. 1 MARCH 2018

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  1. An Analysis of Laser in Dental Procedures (Manpreet Kaur).
  2. Cube Roots in Vedic Mathematics (Krishna Kanta Parajuli).
  3. Homomorphic Encryption for Medical Analysis on Genome Sequence (Krishan Gupta, Shubham Sinha, Deepanshu Jain).
  4. Indescribable Examination of Virtual Crime (Navneet Gupta, Bala Buksh).
  5. Experimental Study on Performance of Poly Propylene Fiber on Concrete (Mohammad Maqbool Dar, Tapeshwar Kalra).
  6. Study and Analysis of Dynamical Models of Plant Growth Analysis in Calculus (Dr.Suresh Kumar Sahani, Kameshwar Sahani).
  7. An Experimental Study to Show the Effect of Peak Current on Mechanical Properties of welded joints (Narinder Thakur, Onkar SinghBhatia, Kamal Kashyap)
  8. Satellites: Jacobian Integral of the equation of motion and elliptic orbit (Sushil Chandra Karna)
  9. Random Positioning of Cued Click Point Based Graphical Password for User Authentication (Krishan Gupta, Shubham Sinha, Deepanshu Jain).
  10. Impacts of Cultural influences on food taste & food consumption: A Case of Delhi (Mr. Mohit Malik, Ms. Anjali Maheshwari).

11 Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Strength and Durability of Concrete Using the Combination of Steel Fiber, Glass Fiber and Flyash (Sourabhlalotra, Tapeshwar Kalra).

12 Experimental Utilization of Marble Dust Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement and Fine Aggregates in Concrete (Karan Kumar Quanth, Tapeshwar Kalra).

13 To Study an Effect of Bond Strength of Recycled Concrete (Amritpal Singh, Tapeshwar Kalra)

14 Levels of Positivity Among the Politicians of Himachal Pradesh (Sonia Jaswal & R. L. Zinta)

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