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ISSN NO. 2456-3129
IF:0.267(Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal)

VOL 3 NO. 2 JUNE 2018

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1. Prevalence of Campanulotes Bidentatus Compare Infesting Pigeons of Kumaun Region (Nisha Dhoundiyal, Adesh Kumar).

  1. Eco-Ethnological and Aromatic Plants of Jahu Valley Region Himachal Pradesh, India (Gulshan Kumar, Sanya Rana).
  2. Some Overlooked Ethno-medicinal Plants of District Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh (INDIA) (Gulshan Kumar, Khushbu Thakur, Vishal Kumar, Jyoti).
  3. To Explore the Machiavelianism Tendencies among the Politicians and Non-Politicians of Himachal Pradesh (Sonia Jaswal & R. L. Zinta).
  4. Testing and Thermal Analysis of Clutch Facing made with Natural Coconut Fiber compared with Commercial Clutch facing material (J.G.K. Kumar, Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu, M.Arul Murugan).
  5. Degree of Job Satisfaction among Socially Advantaged and Disadvantaged University Employees (Promila & R. L. Zinta).
  6. �Study of Transportation Problem for Nalagarh-Based Flour Mill (Rupinder Kaur).
  7. Study about Queuing Theory and its Applications (Amita Devi).

9. Transportation Problems: A Special case for Kalka-Based flour Mill (Mohita Devi).

  1. Review of Group Theory and Its Applications(Neha Thakur).
  2. Study of operation Research and its Application(Suman Devi)
  3. A Comparative Study of Existing Method with New Proposed Method for an Assignment Problem (Preeti Devi).
  4. Review of Ring Theory and its Applications (Shima Devi).
  5. Operation Research Approach Using Game Theory in Agriculture (Jaswinder Kaur Thakur).

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